Server Racks 

Standard Server Rack

Data Center Server Rack

Networking Rack

Ixitek Networking Rack 18U Floor Standing Networking Rack having Depth of 800mm

Ixitek Networking Rack is an Ideal Cabinet For Housing Firewall/Seitches/Jack Panels/Patch Panels/DVR/ Amplifire and many other Products having depth of 700mm

Cable Trays

Racks Components

42U Network Rack

Vertical pdu 5/15 amp 3m cable 
Fan 2 – 600×600
Fan 4 – 600×800

Full shelf tray
600×600 – 650
600×800 – 900

Keyboard tray

19” pdu 15 amps
With double pole mcb
Hor – C19/c13
Ver – C19/c13
Front door – glass
Back door – glass
Earthing bar 19” horizontal
Vertical earthing bar 


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