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Ixitek Solutions LLP.

Ixitek Solutions LLP, headquartered in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, is a vanguard in the realm of IT and digital solutions. In our endeavour to cater to a global clientele and expand our footprint, we’ve also established a prominent presence in the United States with Ixitek Solutions LLC, situated in Sacramento, California. Together, we’re synergizing cultures and technologies, committed to delivering unparalleled products and services that bridge continents and redefine digital excellence.

Ixitek Solutions are well known suppliers of fibre optic cables for Data Centers, software Labs and other industrial requirements. We provide FC Cable spools of bulk length in kilometers in simplex, duplex and hybrid versions of top quality. Our FC Cables are manufactured and processed with defined standards and quality certifications.

We at Ixitek, give solutions on DC infrastructure solutions on their IP telecom and measurement, IP networking, High Speed Ethernet Solutions like 25g, 40g, 50g, 100g and even 400g converters and other major solutions in PAN India and SAARC. We work with major NEM customers in India and R&D; centers. Our ERP division has partnered with premium ERP companies for providing consultation for implementation and support. We provide ERP partner solutions comes with every module and function, so you only need to enter data once and the entire suite knows about it.


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SAP FICO Couse is one of the most pivotal core modules of SAP ERP processes. Breaking the terminology for a better understanding, FI in FICO stands for finance that deploys integrated modules while aligning a single real-time financial system for the entire firm; whereas CO in FICO stands for controlling, which acts as an internal cost accounting too. It further plans and manages costs, profits, orders and all cost-related elements.


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