High Density Network Test Platform

BigTao Series L2-3 Network Test Platform

BigTao series network test platform for IT development, equipment/products R&D environments with routers, switches, and its supporting network devices. It is modular in design comprising the chassis, scalable number of test modules, reliable and easy to use operating software with simple and friendly UI.

Product Description

The BigTao series network tester is a R&D test platform for middle and low-end routers, switches and other network forwarding equipment. Its modular design is comprised of chassis, test modules and a powerful and easy to use software UI and fully integrated API. This platform is available in either 2 or 6 slot configurations and can support any combination of test modules from 10M to 400GbE. This platform boasts a small lab footprint and is very efficient in power consumption. 

Bring the test lab to the field! With an added handle, the two slot BigTao220 is also ideal for use in the field to troubleshoot and demonstrate for field requirement. Our noise reduction technology makes this solution a great fit for work bench or office-based use. The BigTao is supported by our Renix software is incredibly easing to use and provides Layer 2-3 traffic emulation, control plane protocol simulation and comprehensive test suites Designed to meet the complex requirements of hardware and software development for chip/component, telecommunications equipment test in a simplified way, this platform offers a unique mix of portability, usability, and affordability.

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